I am a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the Faculty of Philosophy at The University of Cambridge.

Professor Tim Crane oversees my research.

I work in the philosophy of mind broadly construed, including the relevance of both cognitive science and metaphysics to questions concerning the mind. It is my view that we cannot understand the mind without drawing on both science and metaphysics, and understanding the relation between them.

I have used empirical work to address questions concerning the nature of attention and its relationship to consciousness. This research includes investigating  the assumptions and presuppositions made about these faculties by cognitive scientists.

Some of this work was co-authored with Professor Bilge Sayim, a visual psychologist at the University of Bern.

My current research project is focussed on the metaphysics of consciousness and its relation to cognitive science. Specifically, I am interested in the relevance of different theories of properties to consciousness. This work includes understanding which view of properties best fits with the methodology of cognitive science, and the upshot of this for the science of consciousness.

I also have research interests in metaphysics and the philosophy of science more broadly. I have worked on powers theories of properties, and on scientific terms. For more details about my work, please see my Papers.

I received my PhD in 2015 from Durham University for a thesis on the nature of attention . This was supervised by Professor E. J. Lowe, Dr Peter Vickers and Dr Sophie Gibb. My examiners were Professor Ned Block and Dr Robin Hendry. The thesis received an unconditional pass.

I am also an Honorary Research Associate at Peterhouse.